The Business Owner’s Guide to Improving Collaboration: Tips, Tools, and Tactics

Effective cooperation and participation from employees are crucial for any business owner. After all, no business can function without the help of its staff. Collaboration is the cornerstone of productivity. […]

Cybersecurity knowledge shared by CIOs of the US

We attended the latest Midsize Enterprise Summit for #IT #leaders in Florida organized by the Channel Company. CIOs from all over the US gathered to exchange and get important updates on #cybersecurity. We would […]

Leaders, which capital comes first?

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10 timewasters to avoid for better work efficiency

Currently, we have a lot of distractions that fit the bill of a perfect distraction. Timewasters are mostly just habits that provide little to no meaningful reward for the time […]

Cyber Security is an issue – what to do with all your people working remotely?

Remote work has become the new normal for modern companies. In a world where many offices were forced to shut down during the 2020 pandemic, team leaders discovered something. Remote […]

Build a Sales Strategic plan to win Business

If you want success in sales, “it is easy if “….you can identify a critical problem facing your customer, but it must be one so ominous that, even in a […]