How to gain and retain clients

All business growth is based upon a firm’s offerings being WANTED by prospects and clients, not just being needed. Students attending this session will learn how to generate WANT so that their technical skills are further leveraged by the fact that people will WANT to work with them. Such client/customer relations ensure that the graduates of this program help a business to grow. Relationships build business and activities that support relationships are the most cost-effective means of gaining and retaining new clients.
This program is inspirational and motivational while also extremely tactical and practical. Students in this program build skills while being empowered with tactics and techniques to expand the client base. These “customer relationship skills” are formalized in this program that teaches customer relationship business development skills.


Building a business plan

Every entrepreneur needs a business plan. Every startup need a business plan. It’s your roadmap to the future, it represents strategic steps for success, it’s a proof of concept and understanding as well as a document for others to understand your concept. You will learn about parts of the plan and what is important in each part (from the executive summary to the request for funding).