Carver Institute offers multiple training solutions to groups, private companies, and government agencies near DC. 

These solutions include bulk purchases as well as the ability to send multiple students to one (or more) of our courses.

Government agencies can also purchase our training solutions.

Contact us to find out more about our government and corporate IT training programs.

Whether you need a half-day course for new hires or several weeks of training in multiple certifications for your staff, we’ll work with you to provide the training you need, at the location of your choice, during the timeframe that fits into your group’s schedule.

Purchase Corporate Training Voucher Bundles and Save​

Our Training Voucher Program allows organizations and agencies around Washington DC to purchase seats for Carver Institute courses and examinations in bulk quantity at a significantly lower cost. Purchase 15 or more vouchers and save up to 40%.

Why Does Your Company Need IT Training from Carver Institute?​​

Carver Institute is an award-winning organization that offers our corporate customers excellent experiences, unbeatable pricing, and high-quality training for their employees. We have earned high ratings with customers, which you can see in our online reviews, and we are dedicated to providing the very best education to our business customers.

At Carver Institute, we have training courses and certification preparation for corporate organizations and government agencies.

Whatever your corporate IT training and cybersecurity needs are, we can help you, your employees, and your organization. We provide all our customers with a quality experience, so that employers have well-trained, knowledgeable, and certified employees that make your organization better.

We provide convenient corporate training classes at our facility in Chantilly, VA or on-site at your offices.

What Are the Benefits of Carver Institute Training for Your Employees?

The employees of the organizations that participate in corporate training at carver Institute benefit from the training in various ways, including:

  • Receiving high-quality education – At Carver Institute, we have some of the very best instructors to teach our training courses. All students receive the highest-quality training no matter which course they are taking.
  • Advancement opportunities – As employees become trained in new areas of IT, they will have more opportunity for promotions within their companies.
  • Increased earning potential – Along with advancements comes higher salaries.
  • Improved job security – Employees who the organization invests in are much more likely to retain their position and grow within the company.

How Does Corporate IT Training Benefit the Company?​

You’ll find that there are many tangible benefits to your company when you utilize Carver Institute’s corporate IT training. Not only does it make training convenient for you and your staff, but you’ll also benefit in the following ways:

  • Improves operations and productivity – When your staff is consistently receiving quality training, it will improve the overall quality of your team. Employees are better equipped to handle IT issues, tasks, and responsibilities, improving processes and productivity.
  • Increases employee contributions to the business – Well-trained and knowledgeable employees feel comfortable contributing ideas, best practices, and new insights to the company for consideration.
  • Improves employee confidence – As your employees’ knowledge grows, so will their confidence. This often leads to internal job promotions, increased motivation, and an overall enhancement to employee morale.
  • Encourages employees to stay up to date – The technology industry is ever-changing. Consistent corporate training classes will ensure that your team stays updated on those changes, industry trends, and new technologies.
  • Saves your organization money – Corporate training at Carver Institute is both cost-efficient and valuable to organizations.

How Much Does IT Training Cost a Company?​​

Carver Institute’s training solutions for corporate organizations and government agencies are available at affordable prices. We offer bulk purchasing to our business customers that allows them to send multiple employees to one or more of our training courses.

Additionally, there is a Training Voucher Program for organizations that lets them pay for and reserve seats for training courses in advance, in bulk, and at discounted prices. Companies who purchase 15 or more vouchers, can save as much as 40%.

This allows your company to give the vouchers to employees as needed for training in the future.

With Carver Institute’s Training Voucher Program, your company will also benefit from the flexibility of the program. You don’t have to commit to specific courses or employees at the time of purchase. That means that you are able to buy them at budget time and then use them as your training needs dictate throughout the work year.