Build a Sales Strategic plan to win Business

Build a Sales Strategic plan to win Business

If you want success in sales, “it is easy if “….you can identify a critical problem facing your customer, but it must be one so ominous that, even in a downturn, they will find the money to address it.

To be successful you must incorporate these 6 Key points:

1. Extreme customer and market focus
Without extreme customer and market focus, your sales team will spend numerous hours chasing opportunities that do not result in winning business for your company. This can be very costly and a management nightmare to oversee.

2. Alignment of products, services, and solutions with customer’s high priority needs
If you can align your products, services, and solutions with your customer’s high priority need you will see that your sales cycle timeframe will be reduced and your return on sales investment will be much higher.

3. Alignment of resources to build customer loyalty
If people do not know who you are or the products, services, or solutions that your company offers, then they will not buy them from you. Keep in contact with your customers! Most companies forget to market to their current customers. As your company grows and adds new products, services, and solutions, let them know. Also, do account management and keep your customer happy.

4. Alignment of the sales process with customer’s buying process
Make it easy for your customers to buy from you. Find out what they do when they buy what you are selling and make it easy for them to buy from you. If they use GSA Schedules, GWAC’s or BPA’s get on those contract vehicles.

5. Alignment of sales roles and capabilities with customer’s buying process
Make sure you have the right people talking to the customer. Have support for your sales staff when needed. As the sales process moves through the sales cycle it might be necessary to bring in technical or upper management to assist in the closing of the deal. Making these available to your sales staff will result in closing more deals.

6. Alignment of time utilization and territories with market potential
When setting up salespeople for success, make sure that they have defined territories that have the potential for what they are selling. Build robust pipelines and define time utilization for each task. Build a structured qualification list for items to be brought into their pipeline.

Larry Carver, CEO, Carver Institute